《big and small》大和小第一季26集 BBC英文动画无字幕

【中文名称】:《大与小》Big and Small Series 1
【类 型】:动画片(640×360清晰)
【语 言】:英文(无字幕26集X11分钟)


Big and Small Series 1 分集简介:

1/26.Something Is Missing
Big feels that there is something missing from his house until his first visitor arrives.

2/26.Door for Small
Big decides to help Small by building him a teeny tiny front door, but gets stuck in it.

3/26.Fish Wish
Small goes down to the pond on a mission to bring a fish back to the house.

4/26.There’s Space for Small
When Small decides to live somewhere else, the friends meet Ruby, a pink mouse.

5/26.A Piece of Cake
Small decides to make Big a cake to cheer him up after he loses his doohickey.

6/26.The Worm in Big’s Apple
Big and Small find a new friend living in an apple – a sassy but warm-hearted worm.

7/26.The Case of the Missing ‘Saur
Big is very sad when he loses his favourite toy, but does Small know where it is?

8/26.Stormy Weather
Small can’t wait to see and hear thunder and lightning for the first time.

9/26.Playing By the Rules
Small finds himself having fun when Big leaves the house, until he starts to miss him.

10/26.A Sound Idea
Big and Small try to help Ruby with her new song.

11/26.Rain Dance
Small tries to help Big water the garden, but things do not go very well.

12/26.My Friend Fang
Big puts Small’s sock puppet pet into the washing machine.

13/26.Starry Starry Night
The two friends go to the garden to look at the stars.

14/26.Bad Luck Machine
Small’s plans for a picnic are ruined by an empty fridge and then torrential rain.

15/26.The Big Sneeze
Small tries his best to look after Big, who is laid up in bed with a cold.

16/26.The Mysterious Woods
Big accidentally whacks a ball into the Mysterious Woods. He and Small explore them.

17/26.Surprise Surprise
Small is determined to find out the fun surprise that Big is planning for him.

18/26.The Sleep Toy Thingie
Small is jealous of the attention that Big shows his toy, and wants one of his own.

19/26.Smashing Tomatoes
Small thinks Big’s tomato will taste great. But Big thinks it is too lovely to be eaten.

20/26.Picture Perfect
The friends decide to paint a portrait of Ruby. They have very different painting styles.

21/26.Twiba’s Treasure Hunt
Big and Small help Twiba dig up the garden in a search for a magpie’s treasure.

22/26.The Case of the Clogs
Small finds a pair of clogs and makes a terrific noise all over the house with them.

23/26.Twiba Takes Flight
A confused Small tells Twiba she will turn into a butterfly and helps her try to fly.

24/26.Cabin Fever
Big and Small try to entertain themselves when they are snowed into the house.

25/26.Five Minute Sled
Big and Small are excited because it has snowed, and Big wants to toboggan down the hill.

26/26.The Gwelf in the Garden
One night, Small thinks the creature from his stories is hiding outside.






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